Now You Can Get Rid of Sagging, Drooping Skin on Your Face and Neck With One Cream...
No Surgery. No Injections.

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For a limited time, we are running a Special Offer for First Time Customers on our Flagship Product - Sculpt & Firm. As always, our promise to you still applies - if for ANY reason you feel unsatisfied with our Sculpt & Firm, feel free to return it within 60 days for a 100% refund - guaranteed.
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What People Are Saying...
“I'm loving my cream! My face and neck are looking a lot more firm and I’m getting a lot more compliments at work. Today at work someone asked how old I was and they were shocked to learn I was 59. They thought I was in my forties! Thank you!”
Irene in Los Angeles, CA
"I started noticing results quickly and my skin kept improving over time. I’ve showed my before and after pictures to a few close friends and they were shocked! I just wish I tried you cream before I wasted hundreds (if not thousands of dollars) on other creams over the years."
"...I started to notice results within the first 10 days of use and seeing changes every week thereafter.
A lot of people around me have noticed the changes as well. They can’t quite put a finger on what changed, but several people have told me I looked “younger”
-Third Day Beauty User

WARNING: Supplies Are Extremely Limited

SCULPT & FIRM is formulated with unique, luxurious ingredients that cannot simply be mass produced.  That’s why not everyone sees this page. If you’re viewing this now, it means you’ve been selected for an exclusive opportunity to try SCULPT & FIRM today. Be sure to secure your order now - because supplies will most certainly run out!

Now You Can Get Rid of Sagging, Drooping Skin on Your Face and Neck With One Cream...
No Surgery. No Injections.
If you have began to see drooping and sagging skin on your face, neck, jawline, your hands or upper chest area... you should read the rest of this article IMMEDIATELY!

Whether you have been struggling with this for a few months or for many years, this problem is now correctable...

Modern advances in anti-aging science have allowed the sagging, droopping skin to be correctable without dangerous surgery or expensive medical procedures
You Should Be Prepared For the Following:
Face - The skin on your face and jawline will become firmer and "lifted". Over time it will become more resilient and youthful.
Neck - your neckline becomes firmer and does not "hang down". The skin under your jaw is smooth and doesn't "bunch up" but rather is smooth and even.
Hands - the top of the hands can be a dead giveaway of a womans age. Our cream a can smooth and plump the think, wrinkled skin on top of your hands making them appear younger and healthier.
Decollete - your upper chest area will tighten up, reducing the thin, wrinkly skin and making it appear more elastic and full.
SCULPT & FIRM works not only on the surface of the skin to help support it against the sagging effects of gravity, but also deep inside to help the natural production of collagen as well as augmenting the cellular matrix of the skin. 
Active ingredients are formulated to synergistically work to protect and reverse the signs of aging resulting in a firmer, tighter and more youthful look as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Our ingredients include peptides which help eliminate wrinkles, promote collagen production plus plum and firm skin. Clinical studies show that our ingredients produce immediate lifting power, and with twice daily application, show demonstrable effect in an astounding twenty-eight days after the first use. Doctors, dermatologist, and aestheticians point to two revolutionary ingredients that give our formula its extraordinary power.
What Causes Visible Signs of Aging?

Did you know that starting at the age of 18, your collagen and elastin production drops 1% every year? Did you also know that your skin thickness decreases by 9% every 10 years? This means that as we age, the loss in collagen and elastin accelerates.
Studies show that the average American woman loses 1% of collagen every year starting at the age of 18.  At the age of 30, she's losing about 1.5% of collagen per year. By the time she reaches 40 that number increases to 2%. This causes her skin to decrease in thickness by 9% every 10 years. That's why the average anti-aging serum has synthetic collagen as an ingredient.
But here's the inconvenient truth; that's the bare minimum. Effective skin care should start with collagen. The vast majority of these products do not take into account environmental factors such as toxins, pollutants and even gravity. All of these factors contribute to the inevitable sagging, wrinkling and discoloration of your skin.
Left on its own, your skin deteriorates alarmingly quickly. This is the reason why even women who keep their youth until well into their 40s can age rapidly in only 2 to 3 years. Therefore the goal is naturally HEALTHY and vibrant skin, not just the illusion of temporary tighter skin.
Order Processing FAQs
What are the benefits of buying multiple units?
When you order multiple units of Sculpt & Firm, we can skip extra shipping costs - allowing us to give you the best possible price. Plus, by ordering a larger supply, you’ll run out of product less frequently, allowing you to maintain your results more effectively.

What if I don’t like Third Day Beauty's Sculpt & Firm Cream?
We are confident that the Sculpt & Firm Cream will help you achieve the results you want. But if for any reason you find yourself unsatisfied, you can return it within 60 days, hassle-free, for a full refund. 

Who do I contact for a refund?
Just call 1-888-254-5130 speak with one of our customer service experts. Their goal is to make the return process as easy as possible for you. Our call center is open Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PST, and Saturday-Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to Noon PST.

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We use state of the art technology that allows for the highest levels of security when ordering on our site.  All of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology — the industry standard for secure online transactions - and then encrypted into the databases.

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We know that many companies put their customers into an “auto-ship” when they order a product, and without realizing it, the customer’s credit card is charged automatically at a later time. Here, at Third Day Beauty, we believe in honest and transparent practices.

While we do provide monthly plans for our customer's convenience, the above order form is for one-time payments and will not rebill. 

60 Day Guarantee

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